My favourite online learning platforms

My favourite online learning platforms

In these few years, many online learning platforms have emerged and are teaching a ton of professional courses. Some of these provide video lesson while some provide articles and interactive exercises, where students can learn by doing challenges.

I prefer a combination of all three i.e. video, article, and interactive exercises. But I have not found many online learning platforms that offer all three.

I have listed some of my favourite online learning platforms that I use frequently. I love these platforms and use frequently to expand my knowledge and skills.

  • Udacity
  • Pluralsight
  • Khan Academy
  • SkillShare
  • FreeCodeCamp


Udacity is one of my favourite among all. It provides all three medium of teaching. i.e. articles, videos, and interactive exercises. Udacity offers a full course which it calls Udacity nanodegree program. It has courses for programming, AI, Data Science, Business, etc

Udacity nanodegree programs are expensive, but you can get access to some beginner courses in the nanodegree for free. These courses are great that include job-focused content and the follows learning by doing approach of teaching.


I got to experience Pluralsight courses during the Corona Virus pandemic when it offered a free one month access to all its courses for April.

It offers a wide range of professional courses including Web Development, Programming, Machine Learning, Business Communication

One thing I like about Pluralsight is that it has structured its courses according to the skill level. You can explore the paths for various skills and take courses according to your level.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers personalised learning for all ages. It provides video lessons from preschool to test preparation.

One great thing about Khan Academy is that it offers exercises for different lessons and tests after you’ve completed a certain portion of the subject.

I think one of the first web design crash course I took was from Khan Academy. Since then I’ve been using it to learn Maths (I’m not very good at Maths). I take every chance to introduce Khan Academy to parents and children and start using it right away.


Skillshare is mainly focused on creative skills such as drawing, illustration, photography, etc. But it also has courses related to Business and Lifestyle.

As a designer, I like to enhance my creative skills and Skillshare had just courses that I wanted. I wanted to improve my drawing skills, knowledge of colour theory, typography, modern calligraphy, illustration, and on and on.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I learned how to draw The art and science of drawing by Brent Eviston. I must say the course is well structured and the instructor teaches the concept very well. Each lesson contains a few minutes of theory and practice to improve the skills quickly.

Since anyone can teach on the platform, the quality of the content may not be up to the mark for all courses. Hence, it is recommended to try a few lessons before taking the full course.


I discovered FreeCodeCamp when I started my career as a web designer. This platform offers courses for Frontend and Backend development. The courses are text-based and each lesson contains an exercise for a solid foundation.

After each module, it has some projects to apply all the knowledge. These projects are real-world examples that you would build in actual work.

I’ve completed the Responsive Web Design Certification and a few projects in this module. And I am currently taking JavaScript course and Frontend Libraries Certification.

One good thing about this platform is that it is 100% free and it keeps updating its courses.

There are lots of online learning platforms and all have its own method of teaching. It’s difficult to find the type of courses you’re looking for but when you find it, it’s worth it. I have other websites that I learn from, but these are a few of the frequent that I use.

Let me know which websites you use to upgrade your skills online.

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